Register for Tourniquets for Heroes

Tourniquets for Heroes is a special initiative aimed at equipping Law Enforcement Officers with life-saving tourniquets for personal carry while on duty.

To register you must use your official department/agency email address (.state, .gov, .org, etc.) so that we may verify your status as a Law Enforcement Officer. Once we have verified your service, you will be placed on our list to receive a FREE RATS Tourniquet. Those who chose to purchase a tourniquet for you will not receive any of your information, and the tourniquet will be mailed directly to you by our team.

This list is first come first serve and you will not receive a tourniquet until your name is drawn. Only apply to receive a tourniquet if you are a sworn Law Enforcement Officer. This form must be completed in its entirety. Failure to provide any information, including your department name, address, and email will result in your removal from the list.
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We use your official department email address to verify your employment. Personal emails are not accepted.